Qualities of a good dentist.

Qualities of a good dentist.

Most professionals who are in the service industry need to master different traits in order for them to be outstanding in a given field. Managing a dental clinic, for example, is not a small task. A clinic may be smaller than a hospital, but it still takes care of patients and certain aspects of their health. In order to keep a particular dental clinic running smoothly, its dentists must possess any, if not all of the following qualities. These traits will not only help their relationship with their patients but will also help in the advancement of their careers. Below are some mentioned qualities of a good Logan Utah Dental Clinic:

a. Cordial

A little smile here and there will not hurt. For a dentist, a smiling face can be one of his or her most prominent assets. A dentist needs to be friendly with everybody, especially with children. Children respond to friendly smiles and positive vibes. One has nothing to lose and more to gain with a ready smile.

b. Caring

Just because one is dealing with just teeth does not mean he or she can only attend to the infected area and not the patient’s overall well-being. Showing genuine care to the patients will earn a dentist respect and love from the ones he or she is treating. It is not wise to force care from you. You have to really assess patients’ condition and show them comfort and encouragement whenever you feel they need it. Genuine care and pretence can easily be sensed. If you do not possess such trait now, it is best to practice it through every aspect on your life. That way, you will get used to it and it will eventually become a habit. Without knowing it, you are already feeling concern for your patients’ well-being. And that is a very good sign.

c. Honest

Being cordial is a very good thing. However, a dentist also has to show honesty to his or her patients. Telling people that they need a certain extra dental service when they can, in fact, just go on without it is not honestly. Yes, it is a very effective marketing scheme. Yes, your dental clinic can have more money from it. However, excessive use of that gimmick can also give your clinic a bad reputation. It is only smart to weigh a certain marketing strategy’s pros and cons before taking advantage of it. Of course, one has to think more about one’s patients before profit.

d. Efficient

Quality results are demanded from able professionals. It is a very admirable trait if one can deliver such quality output in the most efficient and practical way possible. Patients go to seasoned professionals so that their visit can be more comfortable and convenient. When one giving them the service that they need without wasting too much of their time, one can most likely receive positive feedback and even appreciation from one’s patients. Other than the profit a dental clinic can receive, it and its dentists also have to strive to gain the traits and qualities that can encourage maximum patient and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, every individual should understand the above-mentioned qualities of a good dentist. 

An Honest Opinion About Your Hair

An Honest Opinion About Your Hair

What my honest opinion here it is. Hair is relative. What does that mean? Well we only think hair looks good or bad based on the information that we have in this world. What is popular and attractive as far as hair care is all relative to the person who accepts whether something looks good or not to them. It is their own preference that makes something popular in the eyes of another. My point you ask? Who the heck cares? Why are we so vein when it comes to outward appearance? If hair didn’t exist and never did what we say is beautiful then? A shinier bald head? A tanned head? What insignificant thing will we covet when we covet everything visual as made popular by pop culture?

Hair Salon Style

The only good thing that comes from the worshiping of hair is that a business is built from it. People all over the world eat because of how people love to look relatively good. Many hair salons near me are in business for that simple fact. The best of the best at their craft of being a hairdresser make decent money making peoples hair look good. Hair magazines and websites also make a good living off of hair and hair styles. So my argument isn’t to take away hair, it is to stop coveting external beauty so much to where we alienate others who don’t have what is made out to be beautiful.

Hair Alternatives

So what can we covet instead of the obvious external appearance of a human being. This is a difficult question as I understand why beauty is put on such a high pedestal. It is because it is the first thing seen by human eyes. No one sees someones intelligence or compassion they see a pretty face and nice hair before anything. So we make use of our ability to determine if we like something by sight and sight alone. SO the answer to this question will be it isn’t possible.

The Best Mechanical Pencil In The World

The Best Mechanical Pencil In The World

As you all who follow my blog know, I like to draw. Im too cool to use a conventional #2 pencil so I use the mechanical coolness that is a mechanical pencil. The idea behind the mechanical pencil is that your pencil never gets dull so you can draw for hours without having to stop to sharpen. If you are anything like me you are lazy. Who wants to take precious seconds out of their day to sharpen a pencil. nit I. So the idea of a mechanical pencil is perfect for me and my laziness.


It is good to see that my enthusiasm for mechanical pencils is shared throughout the world. My artwork can be seen all over the internet if you look hard enough as my art has been stolen several times. People use it for their screen savers and other nonsense. But I don’t draw for the recognition. I draw to be awesome.