An Honest Opinion About Your Hair

An Honest Opinion About Your Hair

What my honest opinion here it is. Hair is relative. What does that mean? Well we only think hair looks good or bad based on the information that we have in this world. What is popular and attractive as far as hair care is all relative to the person who accepts whether something looks good or not to them. It is their own preference that makes something popular in the eyes of another. My point you ask? Who the heck cares? Why are we so vein when it comes to outward appearance? If hair didn’t exist and never did what we say is beautiful then? A shinier bald head? A tanned head? What insignificant thing will we covet when we covet everything visual as made popular by pop culture?

Hair Salon Style

The only good thing that comes from the worshiping of hair is that a business is built from it. People all over the world eat because of how people love to look relatively good. Many hair salons near me are in business for that simple fact. The best of the best at their craft of being a hairdresser make decent money making peoples hair look good. Hair magazines and websites also make a good living off of hair and hair styles. So my argument isn’t to take away hair, it is to stop coveting external beauty so much to where we alienate others who don’t have what is made out to be beautiful.

Hair Alternatives

So what can we covet instead of the obvious external appearance of a human being. This is a difficult question as I understand why beauty is put on such a high pedestal. It is because it is the first thing seen by human eyes. No one sees someones intelligence or compassion they see a pretty face and nice hair before anything. So we make use of our ability to determine if we like something by sight and sight alone. SO the answer to this question will be it isn’t possible.

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